Recupero triturato in plastica e gomma derivante da cavi elettrici
Recupero triturato in plastica e gomma derivante da cavi elettrici

the shredded

TRITURED plastic and rubber deriving from copper electric cables

RECOVERY of the crushed plastic and rubber

Thanks to its proprietary technology, ROMIPLAST offers RECOVERY
of the plastic and rubber granules generated by the shredding of copper electric cables, convenient from the point of view:

ENVIRONMENTAL with the recovery is produced a non-polluting matter

ECONOMIC recovery is cheaper and much less problematic than disposal which is highly discouraged also from an ecological point of view

Many make the shredding of plastic and rubber deriving from copper electric cables, few, and ROMIPLAST is leader in Italy, they have the necessary technology to work and recover a granulated mixture of plastic, rubber and PVC, practically inseparable

ROMIPLAST is aimed at all those companies that work and produce shredded by electric copper cables that are faced with the problem of its disposal, placing itself as an ideal partner, offering the best solution in ecological and economic terms,
or RECOVERY, all strictly in accordance with the law.

At our new plant, under ordinary conditions,
we can withdraw

the CER code 19.12.04, non-hazardous special waste,
the CER code 19.12.11, hazardous special waste.

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